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decorate home
prepare food
bake Easter cakes
paint eggs
prepare an Easter basket
put some Easter food into a small basket
go to church
share eggs
have a big breakfast
have a special śmigus-dyngus tradition

dam naj;)

potrzebne mi to na dzisiaj.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
At Easter we are cleaning and we are decorating the house.
We are preparing Easter dishes and titbits.
We are baking different festive cakes for example: Mazureks or Cheesecakes.
We are painting eggs and we are decorating eggs.
Into the Holy Saturday we are going to bless foods in the nice bedecked basket.
In Triduum Paschal we are going to the church.
On Sunday Easter we are eating the festive breakfast.
On Monday Easter boys are beating girls with water.
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