Italy is in Europe.
Capital of Poland is Warsaw.
No, it isn't. Mexico is in Middle America.
No, it isn't. Paris is the capital of France.
Quenn Elisabeth is the president of GB.
No, he isn't. He's the president of Poland.
Where is Italy?
Odp. Italia is in Europe
what is the capital of poland?
Odp. The capital of Polish then Warszawa.
In Mexiko is Europe?
Odp. Mexik is in Europe
is paris the capital of wietnam?
Odp. Paris then is not the capital of Vietnam
who is the president of gb?
Odp. President gb is (wstaw osobę)
is mr kaczynski the president of italy
Odp. Mr Kaczyński not is president of Italy.

Italia is in Europe
The capital of Poland is Warszawa.
Mexik is in the Middle America.
Paris is the capital of France.
President gb is Queen Elizabeth.
Mr Kaczyński isnt president of Italy.