With my sister Klaudią we were yesterday on the shopping. We went to Tesco. We ran by examining shops every blouse and every trousers. I probably tried on around one hundred different clothes. Klaudia probably tried on one hundred one of clothes. I bought the lovely blouse for myself, shoes on the heel and trousers jeans. Klaudia purchased the denim waistcoat and gym shoes for himself to the school. The most we spent time in the shop "house". We did photographs for ourselves there in the dressing room. This shopping was for us good. I must more often walk with my sister for the shopping.

proszę :P
mam nadzieje ze pomogłaam :D
szczerze to nie liczyłaam zdań ale powinno być 10 xD
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On my last shopping I were in Center name ( wpisz nazwę centrum handlowego). I went to the ,,alma'' supermarket and I bought milk, tea, bread, cheese and cucumbers for breakfast. When I'm going to ,, crop town'' to bought a new t-shirts I'm met my best friend name ( wpisz imię). We together bought t-shirts and a beautiful bags. Next we go to the ice cream parlor and we bought ice cream. When we eaten the ice creams we went to the shop name ,,five o'clock'' and we bought some tea. Becouse I and ( wpisz imię) must go home but we want to stay together we called our parents and we met in my house. When we in my house we brewd the tea and next we drink it. At seven o'clock ( wpisz imię) went home. I do my homework and at ten o'clock I' m go to bed.
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