Hi karolinaa!

Dream holidays were mine this year. I went with my friend to the camp to Greece. It is on the continent Europe. We stayed in a hotel dolphin. In the little city. Every day we have gone swimming we sunbathed and we learnt to swim. The weather was excellent. The sun shone very firmly and every day it has been warm very much. In the evening we went to disci and great in addition we played. In the evening we also played in volleyball. the food was delicious. After the dinner we got delicious fruits so as watermelon and other.
And you how did you spend your holidays?
good did you have the weather on holidays?
I am waiting for the response

Hi Nick

How is your day?

Can you help me with my party tonight?

Unfortunately, I have to stay at school until 6 pm for some extra classes and I can't get back in time to get everything table.

Can you make the salad? Cut the tomatoes cucumbers and onion. Put them in the bowl and mix them with the lettuce and some feta cheese. Add the dressing-it's in fridge

please lay the ready too.
I'm sorry for all the trouble and thanks a lot

CU soon