My holiday began on Saturday after the sanctification of food or baskets. On Saturday, together with the family ate a dinner, after dinner ended and we sat with family we talked late into the evening. The next day Sunday together with the whole family went to church for Holy Masses. After Church we went to the house sitting where we had a clear soup with egg yesterday sanctified food. odbytym After breakfast we all had free time for myself to an hour for lunch. About 14.00 we had lunch and then went for a walk and cafes. Later we went to the house watching TV and just flew into the evening. And in the morning on Monday, was Śmingus dyngus and only occurs in water but in the entire apartment. After sorting the pointer to the court order to pour the water with friends and colleagues, and so far gone down after lunch. After dinner we all went to grandma and we were there for the evening, when I came back it was cold and dark