He lives alone in the forest and open mountain reaches 2,500 meters above sea level. The length of the body is about 50 cm, 10 cm tail, his body weight is about 6 kg. Shape resembles the hedgehog, the silhouette lumbering, stocky. Elongated snout, lacking teeth. Native long, vermiform, partially covered with horn spikes serving the grinding of food. It has the lowest body temperature among warm-blooded mammals, which is 22.2 ° C.
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An animal of a stocky build, almost spherical. Snout very long (about the bone) ends with the mouth a little. Language very long (up to 18 cm), coated with sticky saliva, which stick insects. The prey is crushed between the horn growths in the mouth. Feet strong, adapted for digging, the male spurs on their hind legs to defend. Colouration: black with clear, thick spines evenly distributed throughout the dorsal surface. Kolczatka lead solitary lives. It has well-developed sense of smell and hearing, the eyesight is very weak. Swim in adverse conditions (frosts) falls into a kind of stupor.
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