Working abroad during holidays is more and more popular. People decide about working abroad because of many cases. It can be difficult financial situation or willingness of explore the unknown. For sure it has a lot of advantages, but people often forget about drawbacks.
Take a look at positives. Firstly, it broadens the mind. We can find out more about other culture. It would be a fascinating history or geography lesson. We can also meet a lot of interesting people. What's more, our language will be more fluency and correct.
Secondly, working conditions abroad are better than in Poland. In addition, salary is higher. Because of this reason, especially financial issues, people decide to working there. They wish had their life more convenient.
Although working abroad during holidays has many good points, it has some disadvantages. For instance, people can suffer from loneliness. Without friends and family, in the foreign place everyone feels homesick. Regardless that it's a great experience, true is sentence 'there's no place like home'.
Another drwaback is to lost holidays for earning money. There's no so much free time to rest.
Next problem is people's security abroad. Thefting, fraudings and muggings are a dali routine. Furthermore, people can get into trouble if they are not familiar with some local customs.
To sum up, it seems that working abroad during holidays has as many disadvantages as positive aspects. The decision of working abroad or not depends on personal choice.
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