Hello (Ann)!
Come on in class (6) and I would like you to describe my school.
In primary school teachers are nice lessons are held at times in other classes. Breaks between lessons are on which we play hide and seek with friends and playing soccer.
At intervals we eat a snack to have much strength in science in the classroom.
I like my school but it is a lot of work namely, science.
Yours (Daria).

Po polsku:
Czesc (Aniu)!
Chodzę juz do klasy (6) i chcialabym ci opisac moja szkole.
W szkole podstawowej sa mili nauczyciele lekcje odbywaja sie co chwile w innych klasach. Miedzy lekcjami sa przerwy na ktorych bawimy sie w chowanego lub gramy ze znajomymi w pilke.
Na przerwach jemy drugie sniadanie zeby miec duzo sily na nauke podczas lekcji.
Lubie moja szkole ale jest w niej bardzo duzo pracy mianowicie nauki.
Pozdrawiam (Daria) .

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Ellen Way
Great to have news from you again. Thank you for your message about your school. Do you live close to school, or maybe you need to travel far? My school is located five kilometers from my home, so I have to reach a special school bus. The bus stop is about five minutes. Many of my fellow students commute by bus, because our school is the largest in okolicy.Szkoła housed in a high building with bricks. Actually, in one building located two schools: primary school for children aged seven to thirteen years old and high school for students aged fourteen to begin szesnastu.My primary school, when we have six or seven years. I have twelve years, so I go to podstawowej.W school my school is about two hundred students. These are the girls and chłopcy.Niektórzy students live at school. I like my school because it is nice and clean. It has large windows and long corridors. This makes it a lot of light and comfortable. At the entrance to the school there is a vending machine with drinks and chocolates. At the end of the hallway there are ping pong tables on the breaks boys often play. We have twelve classrooms. In every class is a lot of flowers and posters seemed obrazków.Ka class has its own classrooms. My room is green and yellow. Sometimes we will change the room with another klasą.Zwykle go to the science lab to perform some experience and to the library and reading room to look for books and magazines to visit our projektów.Często computer labs.
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