Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I have come it in school in which first for it my fairest day case. Teachers were very nice. I have learned several interesting people and I have palled up with them.I have obtained good estimate and I have observed school. It was very pretty , but they did not cause tasks difficulty me. I was as if in paradise. I was very sad when I lgo out from school, but I knew that I will return to she tomorrow !

Mój najlepszy dzień w szkole, to dzień w którym pierwszy raz do niej przyszedłem. Nauczyciele byli bardzo mili. Poznałem kilku interesujących ludzi i zaprzyjaźniłem się z nimi. Dostałem dobrą ocenę i obejrzałem szkołę. Była bardzo ładna, a zadania nie sprawiały mi trudności. Byłem jakby w raju. Byłem bardzo smutny gdy wychodziłem ze szkoły, lecz wiedziałem że do niej wrócę jutro!
P.S NIE WIEM CZY JEST 150 SLOW;( .........
I would never have dreamed about aucch a New Year's Eva party. When I was sitting with my friends and we were waiting on other guest suddenly on ball-room come boy, who since always like me. I didn;t now that he would be on the party.I was very happy and I had batherflay in stomach. Suddenly that boy was come to me and sai -"hey my name is Patric what's up??"-"hello.It's ok I said"-"mayby tall me your name??" - "of course, me name is Daria" Patric was smailing and sit down heare me. Really have I been so plesantly surprised. All night talked, danced and was very nice. On finally party Patric kiss me. I blushed and he say to me that I look gorgeos. Next he escorted me at home. Next day Patric called me and he asked me to met him. Acced to met and since then we have been a couple. HAd you told me that what happened I wouldn't have belived you.
Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is sometimes called the red becouse it can look red from the Earth. Mars isn’t big. It’s smaller than yhe Earth. Mars Has one of the highest mountains In the solar system. It is called Olympus Mons. Mars Has similar seasons to the Earth: there are winters, Springs, Summers and autumns on this planet. It is Rather cold. The lowest temperature on Mars is -133C and the highest is 27C. It Has two moons called Phobos and Demos. Some scientists tjink that there is life on Mars. Jupiter is the bigest of the planets In the solar system. It is realy huge! It is the fifth planet from the Sun. Jupiter’s Got 63 moons! Saturn is also very big, butik is smaller than Jupiter. Saturn is an interesting planet becouseof its ring.These are circles made of pieces of ice and rock.