Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
- Good morning
- Good morning. Can I help you?
- Yes.
- I will have pair of jeans .
- Of course. What size are you?
- i am a size 42.
- here you are.
- excuse me . where are the fitting room?
-please go straight and turn right.
- thank you.. Excuse me. it's too small
- i' sorry. oh! But i have the jeans in bigger size.
- thank you. But it isn't my favourite colour.
- what colour do you like?
- maybe green?
- here you are.
- i think that i will take this pair. Are there any discount?
- of course.. for you 30 %.
- it's wonderfull. my huspand will be happy. i look like great.
In this shop staff is very nice. i will come back with my family.
- thank you.
- goodbye.
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A:can i help you?
B:Yes, please I'm looking for a jeans
A:Ok. What color do you need
B: Blue
A: And what size?
B: 38
A: Here you are
B: Where is the chanching room?
A: The chanching room is over there

A: Is it good?
B: Yes, I think it's perfect. I will take it. How much it cost.
A: 20 pounds
B: Oh can you give ma discount
A: I'm not sure, but I think Ican

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