Deciding to start learning is one of the most important and most difficult and time again. Often we hear conflicting opinions on this form of learning. And it is because our every action has its advantages and disadvantages. At first glance, appear to us significant opportunities. Moving to a foreign country primarily teaches self-reliance, responsibility, compromise, teaches life. It is also a unique opportunity to get to know the culture and mores of the country, which sometimes helps to understand and accept very different from the mentality of our people. It will be easier to work with them later. During your stay you can improve their language skills and often make friendships for life. The proposal is tempting. Well, we hear every day as our countrymen are coping well in exile. We want to be proud of themselves, and this school gives us an undeniable reason to be proud of. If this country, you are going to be one of the most beautiful countries of the world, we acquire a sense of our lives has some deeper meaning, and with something good awaits us. On leaving school in a foreign country, if we want to be in it, we have a better chance to work. It is easier to find our place in this new world. Due to the fact that they would learn there, people around the world, with different accents and different language skills, such learning is much more interesting, is not without challenges and gives you a chance to learn not only the culture of the country in which you are staying but I and many others. In this way we break the barriers which have been made many generations ago and to help build a common world, regardless of race, color or origin.
Despite all these advantages, it is very difficult and important decision. Hello people of the many reasons immediately rejects this idea. Scares the magnitude of the preparations and work that one must do to achieve that dream goal. Learning can be taken in many countries of the world, but finding a good and rewarding our school is not so simple. The school should be of good quality, and these often require a very good language skills. Knowledge is tested and verified in different ways. Due to the large number of documents which need to prepare, which should cover the costs of such a trip is combined with stress nieoderwalnie. Therefore it is very important is obligatory, and persistence in the different stages of our journey. If the country also, and I am Going away is far from our reach to the longing for family, loved ones, friends. Similarly, at the beginning of what seems to us the great value and incredible adventure can be considerable adversity. The reference is to a completely new environment, new people, different mentality, which at the beginning makes me feel lost, lonely, often not understood. Heighten awareness that everything is new, not only the scope of the school but a way of life. If to this we are far from home and difficult (though not unfeasible) is visiting our relatives we still harder.
In conclusion, the effect of the Start study in a foreign country is not only expanded general knowledge, experience and the baggage of experience and of course, smoother and poprawniejszy language. Becomes a certainty that, in different life situations, we will be able to find. Considering all the pros and cons of the above can be said that study abroad is a great adventure, new experiences and memories for a lifetime, but hard work, a mountain of responsibilities and longing for loved ones. Advantages and disadvantages of such a decision is certainly a lot more. Everything finally depends on our character, our strengths and weaknesses. But it is a challenge for all of us. It should make a choice, because otherwise we will never know what we lost.
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