Encouraging, drink, believe, need, send, make, say, improve, learning, have, fill, tell, needs, said, behave, see, learn, saw, think, cost, give, added, speaking, live, prefer

Proszę o napisanie do każdego słówka po 2 zdania w czasie przeszłym i terażniejszym.
Będę wdzięczny za pomoc



1. This advert is very encouraging.
This journey seemed to be very encouraging.
2. She drinks with Ivan too much.
I drank a cup of tea in the morning.
3. I belive that Poland will win Euro2012!
I was stupid, I belived in prime minister's protestations!
4. I need to sleep.
She needed our help.
5. Paulina is sending e-mail.
I've already sent you a postcard.
6. I have to make a cake.
You made it! Congratulations!
7. What? What are you saying? I can't hear you!
What did you say?!
8. Improve your english.
I improved my english.
9. Grześ is learning at the moment.
I was learning when my guest came in.
10. I have a gun and i can use it!
I had too much to learn.
11. Fill the tub.
Dentist filled my tooth.
12. I have something to tell you.
She told me that she's pregant.
13. She needs our care.
14. I think about it everyday.
I thought taht you are dead!
15. This scarf costs too much.
Nice hat. How much did it cost?
16. He gives her flowers almost every week!
I gave my notebook to Sławek.
17. I can add you on my Facebook.
I've just added you on my Myspace.
18. Gabrysia is speaking to Romek now.
I was speaking on the phone, when suddenly I heard a strange noise.
19. She lives in Wrocław.
Long time ago he lived in Novobezrobotyjsk.
20. I prefer tea than coffe.
When I was little, I prefered pink than green.