Napisz e-maila do wybranej osoby w j.angielskim wskazówki:
-zacznij od Hi lub Dear
*akapit pierwszy
-napisz gdzie jesteś
-opisz pogodę
*akapit drugi
-napisz o trzech rzeczach które robiłeś ( present simple)
* akapit trzeci
-napisz o trzech rzeczach których jeszcze nie robiłeś ( present perfect)
* akapit czwarty
- napisz kiedy wracasz do domu



Hello, Kate!
I'm in Paris with my aunt a few years ago who moved there from the Polish.
The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and the sky is not cloudy (at the end of this summer).
There is very good. I go shopping with my sister, to cafes and the beach.
Tickets bought for next week so next week we return.

I bring you a souvenir.
Regards Ala.

tamtego czasu jeszcze nie znam
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi for example Tom,
I'm in London now at the classes' journey. The weather is great! Today it's sunny and warm.
I saw Tower of London, Big Ben and Tower Bridge - that monuments are wonderful. Two days ago we went to Hyde Park and yestarday we went shopping, beacuse everyone wanted to bay something in the souvenirs shop.
We haven't been in London's cinema yet. And the same we haven't been in London's museums and restaurants.
I'm going to back 24th of May.
Big kiss
for example asia.