Napisz krótką powieść, prawdziwą lub wymyśloną przygode. Skorzystaj z planu i słów.
1 How did the journey start?
2 Where did it begin?
3 What was it like?
4 What happened during the journey?
5 How did the journey end?
expedition, incredible, difficult, finally, across, along, explore,

pilnie na dziś po angielsku lub po polsku



One day i holiday, I was in Jurassic Park. I was with my friend: Ola, Madzia, Kinga. It was so foggy. We were watching artificial dinosaurs.
We were bought souvenirs when, suddenly, we heard horrible noise. We came from a big and old hause. We were very scared. We saw a horrible man. He was wearing a grey jacket. He was very pale. He has i long and dishevelled hair. The ghost has horrible glance. He was coming up to us.
Suddenly, there was a second scream and the ghost disappared. We ran out of the house. We phoned the police. They didn't belive us. In the end everyone thought it was probably a joke. We don't agree- we tkink it was the ghost.