I painted eggs into the Good Friday.
I was at the church into the Good Friday.
I baked the delicious cake.
I visited the grandmother into the Easter Sunday
I was sweaty into the Easter Monday
I poured parents around Easter Monday
I examined the TV with evening into the Easter Monday
I spent the Easter Monday with friends.
I ate delicious cakes and cookies
I was on the walk with the family into the Easter Sunday.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My Easter in this year been very special. My family visited our house. We've have a good time. My aunt Claires showed me her palm. It's very beutiful. The last day been owful beacuse rain to suprosed us. However we've decide to have fun in spite off rain. My mum has been really disappointed, because she's prepare a picnic. I've comforted her. To recapitulate my easter been great.