Adam Mickiewicz - born 24 December 1798 year in Zaosiu near Nowogródka. In year 1815 it enters at Wileński University, to to finish philological studies here. Filomatów is with cofounders of Company one also - secret youth organization, assembling students.

After completion studies, Mickiewicz leaves to Kaunas, where full moon teacher's function. For 1823 year has rolled the process the filomatów czar's powers on which come across and he brings the poet to compulsory abandonment of motherland and the departure to Russia. It on beginning spends in Petersburgu, and it goes on Crimea then and to Moscow, where Alexandra gets to know Puszkina.
1829 year - Mickiewicz leaves Russia. Tries to penetrate to fighting wówczas Poland, but it ends then failure. Steam years later get to know Celina Szymanowską from which it takes marriage. In 1839 year it leaves to Lozanny and it lies out Latin literature there, and it lives then and it teaches in Paris.

Year 1841 then the beginning of acquaintance from Towiańskim the acquaintance from which tears off in year 1846. In time of springtide of nations organizes in Italys Polish legion, and in 1849 year it edits the "Tribune of Nations".

In time of Crimean war (1855) the Mickiewicz leaves to Constantinople with political mission and it dies here. His hidden corpses become on cemetery in Montmorency, and in year 1890 transported to crypt on Wawelu.