Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The passport was valid, the police have checked it and said that criminals are looking for and he was visually similar. Apology me as well everything was very well. Carol as well Melanie to set out were at fault of what tradable where as when them make understood reassured yourselves. Carol and Melanie were surprised at the beginning of what is going on but when I calmed down I explained to them. Quickly we reached the hotel. I really like it.We are friends now .I like them, and they like me. I am happy that they met. Now I earn more, have more money to spend. Fell in love with Carol, she also loves me, we started a family, we have two children. What I would do without my present wife. I really love her.

prosze, jest na 100% dobrze (135 wyrazow) :)