Write about last holiday.Use the words in the circles and words from exeries 6.

exercies 6:
traffic,litter,crime,rain,queue,insects,high-rise hotels,crowd,pollution, noise

There was a/an
There were some
There wasn't any
There weren't

Tekst ma miec 10 zdan i mam byc najprosciej jak sie da napisany.Wakacje maja byc zmyslone. Z góry dzięki...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My last holiday was terrible. It was raining. In the countryside I went to there was litter everywhere. There were queues in the shops. There were some insects in my bed. There wasn't any high-rise hotels. There wasn't any people my age. The river was polluted. Animals made noise. I didn't like it there.
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