Always on vacation I go to Japan. There's so beautiful. The beautiful scenery and wonderful technologies. There is quite expensive but no regrets that I was there. If I could I would go there again.
I would like go to Usa. There are many interesting objects. I am interested in culture and traditions, which survived until this day.I want meet new friends there and learn to speak English well.

moze byc?
I wish I could visit Japan someday. It's a country I admire very much. The completely different way of living there is very intriguing. What I want to see the most is a town called Kamakura. It's said to have the second biggest Buddha statue in the world. There are many temples near the statue where you can buy various protection charms - like protection from disease or from traffic collisions. I also dream about having a chance to relax in the hot springs. For Japanese, it's one of the greatest pleasures. The second one is karaoke, and, surprisingly, bowling. I would like to know more about Japanese culture very much.