Plastic surgery – a need or a vanity?

Never before has plastic surgery been so popular. Progress in medicine gives us a possibility to improve our looks and more and more people take advantage of that. But is a beautiful face or figure really worth this risk and pain?
For those who are dissatisfied with their appearance it is an opportunity to make them feel better. When someone cannot look at themselves in the mirror perhaps a plastic surgery could help.
Moreover, such surgery is often a necessity for casualties who are seriously wounded or burnt. Then an only chance to regain their normal appearance is to let the plastic surgeon act.
On the other hand, for vast majority of celebrities it becomes something as natural as going to a hairdresser. So it does for regular people who want to be like their idols. Cutting nose bones, enlarging breasts and liposuction are the most popular surgeries today. What is ridiculous is that the socialites who undergo such surgeries are usually good-looking.
Every surgery can implicate untoward side effects. Instead of a beautiful nose and lack of fat we may end up disfigured. A nose correction can even lead to the loss of sight if there are any complications. After a surgical intervention there is always pain and problems with getting back to normal condition.
Everyone should decide on their own if having a nice body is worth that terrible pain and bruises after a surgery. I personally disapprove of having a plastic surgery for other reasons than medical ones.

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