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1.What are popular holiday destinations in Poland? Why do people go to these places?
2.Do Polish people go on holiday abroad? What destinations are popular?
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Some of the most popular destinations in Poland are Masuria because there is quiet, clean, you can find many species of animals and plants. There are no problems with street congestion, pollution and noise of the streets. You can enjoy the lush forests, clean water and singing birds. People travel to such places because they are seeking peace in the bosom of nature, listening to the sound of water and warm sun. Where does not become a human leg, where you can spend time in silence.

Poles often go abroad does not mean that in Poland there are no good places to spend your free time. Poles often choose places to spend a sunny summer holidays in Poland because it is not always the sun. The dream is not one Pole to go to Spain, Italy, to visit and see the many sights of the local culture and art.

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