Long ago, I travel around the world. Toured all continents. I saw lots of animals and landscapes. I watched the famous museums and monuments and paintings. It was really cool. Everything to me curious and I like. I met many nice friends.
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Plane flew across the ocean calm when suddenly I saw a beautiful island. I flew over it I saw someone walking on the beach, this view was piękny.Ponieważ I decided to change to explore the local museums and beach.a come after that when I was in the museum I saw a nice picture of the year ok.100lat pne.A when I went to the beach is broke coconut, then for the first time I ate a coconut. I decided in August to swim and I took Ludek popłynełem.gdy I saw the fish at sea prubowałem catch them but none of that was for szybkie.Postanowiłem wrucić wypocząć.Na to the hotel and the next day I flew onward.
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