4b.circle the correct words.
1. She's written/been writing three letters this afternoon.
2.I've read/been reading this page four times and I still don't understand it all !
3.He's in hospital bacause he's had/he's been having an accident.
4.Ouch! I've cut/been cuting my finger!
5.My mother's making sandwiches-she's cut/been cutting bread all morning.
6.Great news! You've won/been winning the competition!
7.James has know/has been knowing his wife since he was a child.

complete the sentences. Use the present perfect continous or the present perfect simple forms of the verbs.
1. .....you.....(not finish) that book yet?
2.He looks terrible! What .....he....(do) all night?
3.......that singer.....(make) any CDs yet?
4.I'm sorry, I......(not start) my homework yet.
5. My brother works really hard when he wants to. He.....(clean) four rooms this morning!
6.It......(rain) for days-will it ever stop?

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. been writing
2.I've read
3. he's had
4.I've cut
5.been cutting
6.you've won
7.has known

1.Haven't you finished
2.What has he been doing all night
4.have not started
5.has cleaned
6.is been raining
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