Kaszka z mleczkiem.

My friend's name is Simon. He lives in XXX. He attends to class with me of the secondary school. He isn't tall. He has got brown straight hair and brown eyes. I like to spend with him free time. He is very chatty like me. He like makes jokes with me. We know each other for many years. He is my best friend.

My family isn't big.
My mother isn't tall. She has got black, curly hair. She is very fashionable. My father is tall and he has got short grey hair.
I have a sister. She is very beautiful. Her hair are straight and black. She has got blue eyes. She is fashionable like my mother!
I like to spend time with my family.
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My friend's name is XXX. He lives in Sierpc.He attands the second class
of the secondary school, sport
profile class.He is tall and well-built.
His hair is short and curel and his checks are large. His ears are
He often wears jeans and sweater.
He is patient and steady. He is always willing to help.
He is also chatty.
He likes computer games and playing football.
He likes travelling very much. Pizza is his best meal.
We know each other for many years .He is my best friend.

Opis przyjaciela Tylko wiesz powstawiaj gdzie mieszka nazwy ;) itp Hmm teraz Rodziny Hey my name Sweet Roman I am 19 years old and live in single family home in Wasilkow near Bialystok. In the week I work as varnisher in car and on weekends I teach in the school weekend.
My family consists of four people. Dad is director of a large car company is interested in football. My mother is a doctor, and her interest in medicine and especially Polish theater. However, the next person in my family is my younger sister she taught high school and is interested in singing and dancing. The best contact with the family I was with my sister. It is a tall, slim blonde with blue eyes. Often I leave it to the city together to have fun in discos and often talk about their problems and solve them together.
I personally mostly interested in tuning cars, music, and various extreme sports skateboarding and parkour type. My pastime is to travel to various interesting places in the world. My favorite famous person is Edyta Gorniak, singer. Is a tall brunette with brown eyes and przecudnym voice. I love to listen to it all works. My favorite season is summer, the first days of July. I love this season and one month since then it is hot and begins zemnie carried the long-awaited vacation.
Last week on Friday we were at the game in Tykocin. I could not play, because I have an injury, but the boys have coped without me. We won 3: 0 and thus we are the first in the league. At home, my mother greeted me a delicious dinner, but I could not eat it, because we left the team to celebrate victory. Later, it was the only party. All night we walked around the city and various discos. The whole day ended well and still have good memories.

Myśle, że pomoglem i sie troszke napisalem i tak jak Ci mówie przeczytaj sobie to i pouzupelniaj ;)
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