Potrzebuje rozprawke tak na 2 min do przedstawienia temat to:"You can always judge a person by his or her appearance".(czy zawsze oceniasz ludzi po wygladzie)
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powiedz cos o tematyce?
zgadzasz sie z tematem czy nie?
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
We often judge others by their apperance. The first impression is said to be very important and shape the way we look at the people we meet. But is it really good to judge people by their looks? In my opinion not.
First of all, first impression can be very misleading. Probably the way other people dress and their apperance can tell you a lot about them but you never know what this person is really like deep inside. For instance, It may turn out that a cruel-looking teacher can be one of the nicest and most understanding ones you have ever meet.
Secondly it's unfair to label people they are like this or that just because of their apperance. It may be very hurting and make them feel worse. Nowadays we often benefit people who are attractive and don't value these who are not. It may leads to prejudice and even discrimination.
In conclusion, I belive that we can't judge people only by their apperance. We must get to know them better to be able to say something true about them. So let's not judge a book by its cover.

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