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Wzór: they may ask you a lot of questions
you may be asked a lot of questions ought to return the books to the library before the frist of march
2.people musn't park cars in front of that building
3.they ought to pay him should keep butter in the fridge
5.they can build a school in five months schould inform the police will have to fill in a lot of forms
8.they can't sell their old car ought to repair that old clock needn't translate this article



1.The books ought to be returned by you to the library before the 1st of March.
2.Cars must not be parked by people in front of that building.
3.He ought to be paid by them.
4.Butter should be kept by you in the fridge.
5.A school can be built in five months by them.
6.The police should be informed by you.
7.A lot of forms will have to be filled in by you.
8.The old car can't be sold by them.
9.That old clock ought to be repaired by you.
10.This article needn't be translated by you.
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