Pomoze cie z angielskiego??
Oczywiscie dam naj.
Opisz swoją koleżankę. (Wygląd zewnętrzny, wiek, cechy charakteru, co lubi robic, czym się interesuje) Minimum 10 zdań.

Proste krotkie zdania. takie cos pisalismy na lekcji z pania.
Ann is tall girl in her late teens. She is slim and she has got long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She likes wearing casual clothes. She is cheerful and amusing but she is also selfish.



****** is in mid teen. She is tall and slim. She's got straigjt blonde hair. Her face is oval and forehead is narrow. She's got small blue eyes and arched eyebrows. Her nose is small and lips is full. She likes riding a bike and a longs walks. She hates staying at home and being bored. She is very nice person and pretty. She is reliable, gentle and patient. She is very outgoing. She often wears casual clothes. She is my best friend.

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daj naj;)
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Kate is my best friend. She is very tall and slim. She has got long, ginger hair. Her eyes are green. She like wears short skirts, t-shirts and high shoes. She is very friendly and she's hepling in the school. But she's very shy. She is interested in sport. She loves playing volleyball and soccer. She is really god in bascetball.
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