Hi Jola,

At the outset would like to thank for sending a postcard with greetings. Enjoy that well spent the time off from school in the Appendix at the seaside. I like to travel with you just like me.
Always you said to me that the world must be brave.
So I decided to choose a trip around the world. I do not regret that decision, or a little. Currently I am writing this e-meil in Turkey and more specifically from Istanbul. Did you know that it is the only city in the world, which lies on two continents? This is great. I was already in several countries such as Poland, Portugal, China. Travel by plane, a yacht, hitchhiking - moves from place to place what they can. But in Turkey, I want to stay as long as possible. It pleases me to be here. In particular, the local food and traditions. Already saw the Blue Mosque, the historic temples of Artemis at Ephesus. I highly recommend a visit to Turkey. It's cool idea, for example, for a holiday. Julius Caesar uttered the famous words here, which has passed into history: "Veni, Vidi, Vici" translated as "I came, saw, conquered". These words probably also relate well to me. I came ... Turkey, saw the local life ... prevailed over the routine because I'm here. And I know that I still very much waiting for me. And now I must finish. Wish me luck that I got his goal and returned home safe and sound. And I wish you further success holidays. An appeal soon.
Kisses, ..........

Tu jest trochę więcej, ale nie sądzę, ze w czymś to przeszkadza, po prostu mam tendencję do rozpisywania się!!!