It's widely believed that wealthy people are often mean and rude to others. Some people say that the rich ones don't have friends as their only friend is the money. They often are not very nice and gracious to the poor ones. Sometimesthey even laugh at them. I think that happens because they can't imagine the poor ones' situation. Although in my opinion the wealthy people can change their thinking and even start helping others if they know more about the problem of an empty pocket. If they understood the matter I think they'd be able to do so many great things. They could help the people who can't afford to buy some food or ones who have big families and can't feed them. They could also help people, especially the older ones, who need money for treatment in a hospital. They could also help or even take care of the orphans. We have to remember that although it's said that the wealthy ones are the mean ones we can't always believe that. They can also be great, helpful people who want to share their goods with the others.

(sorki policzylam w wordzie i wyszlo 189 slow jak nie moze byc to moge skrocic)