I went to the market yesterday.
I played tennis last monday.
Last week I bought a new skirt.
I ate a big meal last evening.
I lost my wallet yesterday.
I walked the dog after school.

I was playing tennis when I broke my leg.
I was going to the market when I met my friend.
I was buying a skirt when I realized I don't have a wallet.
I was eating a big meal when I heard the news.
I was going to school by train when I lost my wallet.
I was walking my dog when I tripped.
7 4 7
Past simple:
1. I was in London in 2008.
2. I ate pizza few days ago.
3. My mom and I bought new car.
4. They were in school yesterday.
5. He didn't go there.
6. Had she a dog?

Past Continuous:
1. I was wearing dresses.
2. I wasn't reading this book yesterday.
3. They were shopping yesterday.
4. 20 years ago my mom was buying really many clothes.
5. By the way, she was singing in kitchen.
6. Was he getting new phone?
Past Simple :

I saw you two days ago.
I arrived from the airport at 8:00.
They saw a movie yesterday.
I bought dress yesterday.
He played the violin.
She worked in garden last summer.

Past continunous:
I was slepping when you came.
She was not teaching.
I was watching TV last night.
They were playing golf.
He was listening to the radio.
You were dancing.

2 4 2