Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hmm... when we think about it longer, we see that isn't very simple question. Everybody from us of course was eating although in one fast food. For example that could be Mc Donalds, KFC or other fast food. I've got only 3 question when I'm thinking about this food:
1. Is that healthy?
2. What is there in?
3. Why people so much like fast foods?
Maybe let's answer for first question. No that isn't healthy. That's really harms your heart and all your organisme. You can be fatter and have bigger cholesterol.
Second question is related with third question. Maybe people so much like fast foods, beacuse ingredients which are there, are so tasty that they can't stop eat it. Really? That's better when I don't know what's inside cheeseburger.
I don't think and I don't recommend this food. It isn't healthy, so tasty. From this you can also die earlier. If you want it, that's your choice. I prefer eat healthy and live longer.