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film pt:" Kochaj i tańcz"




A modern version of Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" has been moved to the fictional town of "Verona Beach". It is here for many years fighting each other two gangster families. Against a background of bloody retaliation love is born. Despite the modern implementation, the creators decided to leave the original text of Shakespeare.

Is Shakespeare rolling over in his grave knowing what to do with the drama? I think not. It may even be glad, because probably never imagined that his art will enjoy such a great recognition of 400 years after their writing. History, as we know, likes to repeat itself, but in another time and another place. So why seventeenth story would not have to be repeated in the reign of MTV, and the swords would not turn into quick-revolvers? At the outset, we see two towers, one with the neon Capuletti and the second with the word Montegue. The proposal suggests itself: The Present.

In my opinion, the director has acted very boldly. Well, leaving intact the text of Shakespeare, what I'd created something called a parody, and it is not. The film is effectively refined details related to the characteristic signs of heroes. Families Montagues and Capulets are presented as a rich gangster family. Romeo is a sensitive soul, submitting the beauty of the vulgarism. The idea is to adapt Shakespeare to contemporary heroes. Very important thing is that, in spite of all the characters change from 17 to those aged 21 are still one hundred percent Shakespeare.

The film was shown the unfortunate tale of love between two lovers. I encourage you to watch this extraordinary screening of "Romeo and Juliet"