Proszę niech mi ktoś pomoże mam na jutro napisać tak jakby list o tym gdzie byłam na wakacjach. coś takiego
,, Hi Fran,
I'm on holiday here in Austrialia with my mum dad, brother and sister. It's very hot here, so we often swem in the sea.

At the moment I'm sitting in an Internet Cafe with my brother and we're drinking mango juice. He really likes it, so we come here every day. In the evenings we play football on the beach.

Tomorrow we're to Byron Bay. It's got a lot of surf shops . I hope ypu're having a good time.

See you soon


tak było w książce i na podstawie tego mamy napisać swój list.

w 2 akapicie ma być present continies
a w 3 co planujemy .

prosze pomóżcie mi (na wakacjach byłam nad morzem w miejscowości Mielno z rodzicami i kuzynką) z góry dziękuje ; *



Hi (name)

I'm on holiday in Barcelona with my mum, dad and brother. It's very hot but i feel good .

We stayed for a week in a small hotel in the center of Barcelona.

Today we walked around the city. We visited basilica La Sangrada Familia and we have seen corrida. We took a lot of photos. My parents bought a picture of matador and I bought T-shirt that says "Me encanta Varcelona" (I love Barcelona).

At the moment i'm sitting in Bueno Nachos with my brother and we're eating nachos with guacamole restaurant . We very like this restaurant so we come here every day.

Tomorrow we're going to all shops in center of Barcelona. I want to buy some clothes. I hope you're having a good time.

See you soon.


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Hi Tom,
I'm here in Mielno on a holiday. I'm spend holiday with my family.

I'm very busy every day. There are also evening activities; for example, dancing.
We are playing basketball. The weather's fine.

How about your holiday? I hope you're having a great time, too.

Best wishes,