Dance Flamenco descends from Andalusia.Orietnalnych has in former religious dances his root.Dance this comes from directly from Hindu dance probably.Tune dancers - mostly black, navy blue or dun - this close-fitting trousers, white shirt, close-fitting waistcoat, small neckerchief under neck, shoes wzorowane on shoes to horsemanship from high heels and characteristic flat - bottomed hat. Waistcoat and they visit hat used as element of choreography.
Tune dancers this first of all wide, colourful falbaniasta skirt or dress (used in dance), falbaniasty corset and colourful scarf, supplement visits with time fan, comb or flower.It declares dance history and gestures do not were attribute concrete meanings. In flamenco the movements of body and the gestures express sure the dancer's emotional states or they underline the meaning of words and the character the melody, which them the companions.Music be executed first of all on guitar (though the cases of use of flute, violins, cello happen). They will knock out rhythm both dancing how and singers by: hitting the palms ( the applause), clicking the fingers, hitting the open palms about box singers on which sit (tzw. the cajon) and for help of castanets.
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