Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A. Woman presented in the photo looks like very sociable and helpful person. We can see that she is helping disabled man (probably with choosing a product). It is very kind from her side. I can say that she is friendly and cheerful.
sociable - towarzyski
disabled - niepełnosprawny
probably - prawdopodobnie
kind - miły lub miło
cheerful - radosny

B. Boy in photo B doesn't look like an outgoing person. In my opinion he is shy and rebellious. People like him are independent, quiet and standoffish.
outgoing - wylewny
rebellious - zbuntowany
independent - niezależny
standoffish - mrukliwy, nietowarzyski

C. I think that girl in photo C is very sociable and kind person. She probably has a lot of friend. She isn't shy. She is having a call (maybe with her best friend).When I look at her i think: "very outgoing and talkative person".
call - rozmowa telefoniczna

D. Boy in photo D has a camera. I think that he is practical and easygoing. Maybe he is an artist? He can't be said to be lazy. He is tidy.
easygoing - "prostolinijny", lekkoduch

E. Girl who is in photo E is playing a game (she is holding a Gameboy). In my opinion she is outgoing and honest. Also well organised. She likes to relax, what makes her energetic.