Potrzebuję na jutro fecenzję filmu (film dowolny - najlepiej jakiś akcji).
Recenzja na poziomie 3 gimnazjum...
Praca musi być nowa, albo nigdzie inndziej nie opublikowana... (nauczyciel bedzie szukał na necie gotowca).
Prosze o pomoc! Z góry wszystkim dzięki... 8-D



My favourite film is wellknown production called "I, Robot" . It's action film about police officer who's living in future world where every family have her own robot. His feelings for them are not really positive. in this production are lots of special effects. main role is played by will smith. this reputable actor played in films like "bad boys ", "hancock","i am legend" or "seven pounds".
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The Mask is a fantastic comedy, romance and action film . All in one. It is an excellent film because it has got everything.
The mai characters are Stanley, Tina and Milos Stanley's dog. They live in the USA. One day Stanley Ipkins finds an ancient mask when he puts mask on his face, he can change a hean. The Mask is a briliant film with fantastic special effects. It's my favourite film because it is funny and exciting.