Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Today is Hallowe'en.It's the night for ghots and witches and other horrible things.In Britian and the USA children play'trick or treat' on this day.

We wear special witch or wampire costumes-and we go to friends' houses and say'trick or treat'.Most people give us a teat-some sweet-but some people don't and we play a trick on them.In the evening some children go to Hallowe'en parties.


In Britain we decorate our Christmas tree with Christmas balls,angels and lights. We get Christmas cards from our family and friends. We decorate our house with the Christmas cards.We also make special Christmas food. At my house on our beds for presents . Santa Claus comes at night and leaves presents in the stocking.

On Christmas Day we open our presents and we pull Christmas crackers.There little presents and funny paper hats in the crackers.We eat turkey and Christmas pidding.And in the evening we sing carols togerher.

St Valentine’s Day

Today is 14th Feburary.It’s a cold winter day but it’s one of my favourite days of the year.

On this day,boys and girls send cards to people they like very much.There are short poems in the cards .You don’t know who the cards are from.You can only guess!

I always wait at the door for the postman.