Autumn is a beautiful season. The trees have colored leaves. Often it rains. We can watch the beautiful sunsets. Early autumn, we may collect chestnuts. And the dark autumn, we can happily laze at home with our friends. The temperature often changes. In September, reaches up to 20 degrees, drops in November. Autumn is a combination of summer and winter. There are hot and cold days.
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Summer belongs to type of seasons wich are the hotest and the sunnest.

We usually wear T-shirts and short trousers beacause of the weather.

In these months (CZERWIEC-LIPIEC SIERPIEN) we often go swimming in the seas, sunbathing or even snorkeling.

Many writters describe summer as the most romantic time in the year.

In summer we have holidays so we do whatever we want whenever we want.

Summer also lasts 3 months so we have to do everything wich is important for us because we may have no time to do one thing again.

Summer always provides a lot of fun because we usually make our dreams come true in that season.

Summer belong to my favourite time in the year because I love relaxing, sunbathing or even meeting with my firends.
I also like summer because of holidays . ;)

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I will describe first pore of year that is spring.About this the time of year the wzystko wakes up to life.To bloom tree zaczynaja,flowers bloom.Birds spiewaja about morning.Bees escape from hives, tree's zapylaja.Grasses dust.Men go out on walks.Children jerzdżą bicycles on rolls.
Opiszę pierwsza pore roku czyli wiosnę.O tej porze roku wzystko budzi się do życia.Drzewa zaczynaja kwitnąć,kwiaty rozkwitają.Ptaki spiewaja o poranku.Pszczoły wylatują z uli,zapylaja drzewa.Trawy się pylą.Ludzie wychodzą na spacery.Dzieci jerzdżą rowerami na rolkach.
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