Dan is 17 years old. He plays in a band called Breaker. His bestfriend, Luke also 17, says that the band is going to be successful. Andy is a year younger. Hip-hop is his life, he says, but he'll do anything for a laugh. Kevin, 17, was on work experience yesterday at Cash Generator, an electrical shop. They all live in the smali town of Porth in Wales.
All four are big musie fans. 'I hate Eminem, though,' says Andy. 'I just don't believe in Eminem. He's a bad boy on stage at his concerts, but really he's just a little kid in glasses.'
The boys all go to the local comprehensive school, which has an internet cafe. But they don't seem interested in computers. 'I send emails and go to chat rooms when l'm at home,' Lukr says, 'but there's this group of nerds at school who are obsessed by Bill Gates. I'm not like that.'
The boys spend their free time in the local pubs, although they are not yet 18. 'We don't get any hassle,' Dan says. 'No problems - it's money for the people who run the pubs and they don't care whose money it is.'
'Sometimes we'll go in for a beer and a game of pool,' Dan explains. 'Sometimes I go after work on Sundays just to watch the rugby highiights on TV. Our parents don't mind where we go. I've got my mobile so when it gets really late, like three, my mum phones me.'
Surprisingly, perhaps, the boys have few complaints about their parents. 'Generally I think our parents understand the difference between their lives when they were teenagers and ours,' Dan says. 'Thats one of the main reasons we get on OK.'
'They want us to do better than they did,' Luke says. 'They want us to go off to university. We've got more choices than our parents had.'

Przeczytaj i dopasuj do siebie potówki zdań
1 Andy is the a they are not eighteen.
2 Dan, Andy, Lukę and Kevin b all like musie.

3 Breaker is the name of c want them to do well
4 The person who dislikes d their parents.

5 Lukę isn't obsessed by e Eminem is Andy
6 Ali the boys go to pubs, f just to drink beer.
7 They don't go to pubs g computers.

8 Their parents allow them h youngest of the four

9 The boys get on well with i to go where they want.

10.The boys` parnts j Dan's band.



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