Image your class in going on a school trip for days. Write an article your school magazine about tour arrangements. Include this information:

-were and when you are going
-which teachers are going
-how yiu are travelling there (by plane? by ferry? ...)
-where you are staying
-what you are doing there
-how long you are staying and when you are comming back




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
On 7 June 2006, at 6.00, under the care of our educators: AAAA, BBBB, CCCC went on a two-day tour itinerary Torun, Malbork, Gdynia. Convenient bus drove us through the northern Poland town straight to Nicolaus Copernicus, Torun.
Our journey through the city started to explore the medieval city walls and the most interesting part-the Leaning Tower. Legend has it that it built a Knight of the Order, which was one foot long and one short. Narrow streets of Torun then we went to Old Town Square. We admired City Hall and the Cathedral of the Assumption and of course took a picture with the statue of Nicolaus Copernicus. Boys stroked and kissed a bolder girls golden frog-a symbol of Thorn-because, as legend has it did bring them luck.
An interesting lesson in Torun Orbitarium survived. We learned how clouds are formed, how much weigh on Mars and what is happening with the sound in space. We could also posterować space probe and see off the ship. The most splendid of all was that we were able to experience everything for yourself. Then we went to the Planetarium. There rocket flew explore the planet. We saw the craters on the moon, we saw, of which Saturn's rings are made and why Mars is red. We also learned the history of Minor and Ursa Major.
The next item was a visit to tour the house where he was born and raised Nicolaus Copernicus, and who now serves as the museum.
The Thorn went to Malbork. A wonderful lady guide us on the tour of the castle, talking about all his secrets. Encountered in the courtyard of the Teutonic knight showed us how they were beaten before the ages of the coin and what could not be bought.
An evening stroll along Nogat ended the first day of our trip.
Oliwa on the second day we visited the Zoo, which saw the animals from different parts of the world. We liked the funny little penguins and a huge African elephants. Water World, and living it saw the creation of the Gdynia Aquarium. Colorful fish, huge sea anemones and true, meters Sharks made the biggest impression of us. After visiting the Aquarium, we went for a walk along the Kosciuszko Square. We watched the ships moored in the port-ORP Lightning, Gift of Pomerania and Danish training ship "Georg Stage" and of course we bought souvenirs.
However, time has come to return home, and we had to go back injury, because, after all these trips are fun. We look forward to the next trip.