Until now, only a few survived, but were filled with traditional Polish Christmas Eve tradition. Everyone had to participate in the preparations for Christmas Eve, because it guaranteed success. Interestingly custom soup said it should be a Christmas Eve meal nieparzyście. It was believed that, this will provide good harvest in the coming year. These dishes had to be prepared with the gifts of nature: the forest crop fields and gardens. Usage, which is celebrating today waiting for the first star. Then I can make a wish and break the Christmas wafer. Baked white and colored wafers, the latter are designed for pets.
For the customs of Christmas Eve is also zaściełanie table cloth, under which should be in the hay. While the number of meals would be odd, then the number should be even sit. One seat is empty in preparation for the unexpected guest or someone who is absent. To this day, shall be considered on the eve should not quarrel with anyone, because how on Christmas Eve, this will be another day in the new year.
However, after the Christmas Eve tradition is singing carols and giving to the gifts gwiazdkowymi. Attendance at Midnight is also one of the traditions, cultivated by the entire family. Although many of the cultivated habits considered to be derived from the pagan traditions of the permanent establishment of several of our culture and many of us can not imagine Christmas Eve without it.