Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Chris,
Thanks for your email, that’s no problem you haven’t written so long. I’ve been busy too. You got a flu? What a bad luck! Hope you are better soon. Fortunately I’m as fit as a fiddle…:) When do your classes start? Anyway, good luck with them.
By the way, I heard you had some problems with your parents:( I mean, they didn’t let you go with us to the holidays... but you must go with us! I’ll try to help you and give some advice.
Firstly, you must be nice and polite to them. You can do some housework like vacuuming, doing the washing up etc. I think that your parents would be very glad!
Secondly you must show them that you’re responsible and ready for such a trip. You should talk with them, tell them you’re 18 and you are acting like a mature person and there’s no doubt you should go with your friends.
What’s more you have got lots of achievements, remind them about your great marks, and the prize in English contest. That will definitely help you!

I hope that you’ll persuade your parents and go with us;) That’s all for now. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Hugs and kisses,