Na wakacjach za granica wynajmujesz pokoj. Nie jestes zadowolony z warunkow, a wlasciciel nie chce obnizyc czynszu. W rozmowie z nim:
-powiedz o swoich zastrzezeniach,
-nie zgodz sie z argumentami wlasciciela,
-zrezugnuj z wynajmowania pokoju.



I thin Mr Jankowski that the rent is too high. I can afoord to pay so much. Can you reduce it?
I think that the room is too small and the neighbours are too noisy.
It is to far from the city centre and to the bus stop. It isn`t as atractive as You were saying by the phone. On the street there is no cinema, club and library. The street is very dirty and unsafety.
I can pay only 100£ per month.
Nowadays I can`t even pay in advance because the connecting to the city centre is very expensive.
- I say that Youmust pay 400£ per month. There is a bath, cloakroom. It is clean area and a playgroung in front of the building.
If You don`t want to live here I can find someone else.
-So I will move out in 2 days.