Work in pairs and tell a love story.Use the notes and words from the Function File.
1.met a boy/girl-in love with him/her (where?/when?)
2.boy/girlnot in love with him/her (why?)
3.(what did he /she do next?) e.g. wrote poems /sang a song/played in school team
4.the boy/girl was in love with him/her (what did he/she do in the end?)

z tego trzeba ułozyc historyjke prosze o pomoc ! Nie umiem tego zrobic



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A girl met a boy in a Pizza Hut.They fall in love in one second and talked to the afternoon.Boy give girl his phone number and say "Call me".Girl go to sleep and dreem of the boy.On the morning girl phone him and have a date with him.They have a great time boy and girl go to Cinema and McDonald.They wal kto the door boy kiss girl and say "Good Bye pretty".

Nie wiem czy to będzie dobrze popraw tam błędy gramatyczne i ogólnie ;>
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