Trzeba napisać min. 12 zdań na temat jakiegoś zwierzęcia domowego, które chciałbym mieć. (np. pies,kot,świnka morska itd.)

Można napisać gdzie bym go kupił, jak bym go wychował, bawił się z nim, jak bym go nazwał itp.

tylko proszę nie z jakichś translatorów



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I would like to have a dog. This dog should be very big and clever. It could be a German shepherd (owczarek niemiecki). My friend has go a Greman shepherd and I think he would give me one puppy. I would call him "Tiger" and he would sleep in my room. I would give him many toys to play, his own bowl for water and another for food. I would throw him a ball in my garden and tell him to bring in back to me. I'm sure he will learn how to do it very fast. I would go with him for long walks to keep him fit and healthy. I would teach him to bring me my slippers when I come back from school. I would brush his fur and wash him once a month. I can't wait to have a dog like that!
I want have hamster (chomik).
I like hamsters becouse they are small and funny.
I want go to pet shop and buy he.
I think name he (imię chomika).
I will be play with him.
I give him eat.
I everyday extrack him from cage.
He was be my favourite pet.
I once a week clean his cage.
I will buy him toys for hamsers.
He always was be happy!
I will love him!