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People are carrying shopping bags and hurrying along the pavement in a town. One man is walking in the road and a woman is crossing the road. The shops are very busy. There are traffic light and a red bus.

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Obrazek 1.
In this picture I can see hurry people on busy street. A lot of them are carrying shopping bag. In the background I can see red bus it ist staying in traffic jam. The general atmosphere is probably stresfull because is maybe christmas time and all of this people want to be at home very quickly.
Obrazek 2
In this picture I can see two people. The are in the market. It is shop assistant and customer. I can see a lot of vegetables and fruits. This people is probably talking about healthy food like fruits or vegetables. The general atmosphere is positive.
Obrazek 3.
In this picture I can see two people, boy and girl. They are probably a couple. Girl is wearing red T-shirt and she has got short brown hair in ponytail. Boy is wearing black T-Shirt and he has got short black hair. They are probably want to buy some new CDs for they own collection. The general atmosphere is positive.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. The picture shows in the foreground many people who are shopping. In my opinion this people are very bustling. In the middle i can see tall woman. unfortunately, is her back but she's wearing white trausers and dark t-shirt. She has short blond hair. In the back ground i can see a big city. The weather is good.

2. The picture shows in the foregroud two handsome man. Propably first man is a dealer(? sprzedawca?:). The second man is a customer. The atmosphere is friendly. Customer are bought apple and is waring fair trausers a black t-shirt and has short and dark hair but dealer has black jumper and blond hair. Propably the man are on the market when we can buought many friuts and vegetables.

3. the picture shows music shop. i can see in the foreground two young people: boy and girl. They are very happy. Probably would buy a disc. She has long, dark hair and is wearing on a purple pullower and black t-shirt. The boy has short black hair and is wearing dark blue t-shirt. Perhaps they are couple.

ja u siebie pisze prace na 4 takze moze bedzie dobrze:) pozdrowka.