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1. ___ is Margaret Tyler? A famous lady who knows a lot about the Queen and other members of the British royal family. 2. ___ collects souvenirs connected with them and the collection seems to be the biggest of its kind in the British Isles.
It all started from a dish with the Queen's head that Margaret Tyler bought 3. ___ 1980 for 2.5p. Soon one of the rooms in her house in Wembley, North London, became a 'royal room'. Over all these years she 4. ___ collected all kinds of things with pictures of the royal family on them: jigsaw puzzles, books, newspapers, mugs, toys, etc.
When it comes to the colours of clothes, Margaret Tyler's choice is obvious. 5 ___ favourite ones are blue, red and white.



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1 . Who
2. She
3. In
4 . was
5. Her