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”The Lord of the Rings - Trilogy” is an American ‘fantasy film’ directed by Peter Jackson. Screenplay of this film is based on the great book written by John Ronald Rouel Tolkien. Frodo a young hobbit and his gardener, who is also his best-friend. An old wizard Gandalf, asks Frodo to destroy the magic One Ring, which is Dark Lord Sauron’s an ancient artefact that could annihilate all human kind. Due to this threat, they have to travel with six other companions into the heart of Sauron’s land, the unfriendly, dreadful volcano, the only place, where the One Ring can be destroyed.

“The Lord of The Rings” is a wonderful film about friendship. It is a cinematic masterpiece that has everything you may want from a film: a great long story, excellent acting and a lot of marvellous special effects.
10 000BC

Roland Emmerich's great big CGI blockbuster lumbers along like one of the woolly mammoths that roam across the screen. Members of a prehistoric tribe, all bearing heavy dreadlocks and world-music type jewellery and body-adornments, are forced to do battle with mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and other quasi-dino-beasties conjured up on the laptop. There are some very good setpieces, but this is just too derivative, and particularly looks pinched from Mel Gibson's far superior Apocalypto.