Odpowiedz na pytania w jezyku angielskim.

Why are your parents proud of you?
What weren’t you allowed to do as a child?
What do your parents let you do at the weekend?
When can you stay up late?
Where were you at 5 a.m. yesterday? I
What is Swinoujscie famous for?
Have you eaten breakfast yet?
Where will you be in five years’ time?
Where are good films made?
How many times have you been abroad so far?
When did you last go to Szczecin?
Are you richer than Bill Gates?
Am I tall enough to play basketball?
What is your room like?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.My parents praud of me when I clean my room,they are praud cause they love me.!;]
3.They let me: go to sleepover to my bestfreind,go to the date with my boyfrend and go to the cinema,or shopping.
4.I can stay up late,when is Friday and in saturaday i don't must go to school.
5.I was in spanish.
7.No,I wasn't
8.I will in universytet in Krakow.
9.I think in HOLLYWOOD.
11.I wasn't in szczecin
12.So funny,of course not;]
14.I like in my bedroom my bed and my bear;*.