About my vacation, I can say that they have been successful. And they met me at the astonishing adventure ...
Some spent the holiday at the seaside. One day we all went to the beach, rozłożyliśmy screen and large towels. Mom smeared us with oil, and then we put on. We started to sunbathe. After a while we all entered the water. Hot air, water, wonderful - a perfect day for swimming!
- Exciting - I cried happy.
- Yes, son, better weather, we could not have dreamed of - "said Dad.
- Super! - Enjoyed my sister.
When swam, birds merrily nuciły their songs, and we had fun at the top.
Suddenly ... even in a few seconds to a terrible storm was raging! We did not understand what happened. After a while a great wave flooded all ...
For a moment I thought that probably still alive. And indeed so it was - I survived! But where were my parents?
Beach was deserted, the water calm, no waves. I did not hear the birds singing.
- If someone has changed the future - flashed through my mind.
As it turned out, was true. Everything is good, it has become a nightmare - and odwrotnie.Spojrzałem for himself, and there ... beach and the sea as well as two identical pictures!
- No no, it is in my head just does not fit! - I said to myself.
All of a sudden ...
- Boy - someone said to me.
- A new variety - "I said impatiently. - Who are you the one?
- It's me, the goddess of the sea - I heard.
- Calm down, it is only a dream to me - I said quietly to himself.
- Do not think that it's fiction - it's really happening - the goddess whispered. If you want to make things as normal, do as I tell you - unless you want to stay here and it completely alone.
- Okay. I'm all ears. Tell me please what to do.
Suddenly a huge wave appeared out of nowhere.
- Jump into it. See you there!
- Bye. Thank you very much for your help.
Well i. .. I jumped. But I had no choice.
After less than a minute I heard the cries of children and adults of bathers, who talked, played volleyball (beach, of course), while the birds again, happily nuciły your beautiful songs.
Without opening my eyes, I thought:
- Everything is in order.
- Dominic, come to the water! - Someone shouted to me.
I open my eyes, I see - it's ok! Everyone had a great time, gathered some shells, others bathed or played in the grid.
- I was right - it was just a dream! - Enjoying breathed a sigh of relief. But why, I heard that ...
- Are you coming or not? - Called me Dad.
- I'm going, going. Wait for me!
After a while we all plunged. I just swam, swam to the point of boredom.
- It was great - I said to sum up the day.
As you can see, I had to mishear, the goddess said that it happens really. But maybe it's true what she said. Maybe this dream is like a different story, a different world?
But that's the case closed. Thus ended this adventure. Who would have thought that something like that I met ... irrelevant, however, where and when.